Private information

Our service does not keep or store any personal data.
We don't save any logs nor do we keep track of our users activity (like visited sites or downloads performed) within our network.
The only information we have access is a generated timestamp of when the user connects to our network. Every timestamp is discarded 24 hours after its creation.

Why choose us

Stay Safe VPN offers its users the possibility to mask their online connection.This can be used in a variety of situations, like accessing content locked behind a regional block.
Our network does not limit the user's connection in any way, nor does it impose restrictions on its online navigation.
We offer multiple conenction points, spread across the globe.
Feel free to consult our Privacy Policy by clicking here.


Integration with Apple/Google

Since we do not store any of our user's personal information, we use Apple's In-App Purchase system and Google's Developer API to validate our users subscriptions.
Through both these systems, we can guarantee that our users have a valid subscription, so that they are able to connect to our network.
This works by checking the date the user signed the subscription and the expiration date of the subscription. The user can only connect to our network within the subscription timeframe.
User's personal information is always secret and hidden behind Apple's In-App Purchase and Google's Developer API, so we never have access to any information related to emails, payment methods, etc.

No Ads

We don't believe in bothering our users with annoying publicity while they are using our service.
Even if the user only uses our free service, we will never show any type of ads.



Stay Safe is a VPN application designed for the mobile environment. We are currently present in the iOS and Android landscape to provide a VPN service to thousands of users spread across the world.
We believe the Internet should be at everyone's reach, so we strive to provide the most reliable private and secure connection at our disposal.
Stay Safe does not share nor store any type of personal information, as email credentials or payment information.
We also offer an ad-free service, since we believe in offering the best user experience possible.
Our users can connect to servers spread across the world, with locations that range from the United States to Singapore to India.

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